Camp & Adventure Centre

School Camps

Enjoy the tranquillity of nature, the thrill of playing paintball as well as many other activities, participate in our adventure courses, leadership talks and team building activities.

Company Camps

Transformative Leadership Training for Leaders and Teams. “Camp is a unique opportunity to dig deep into yourself in a supportive and safe environment." Let us create the perfect tailor-made program for you!

Youth Camps

Teenagers love attending youth camps, as it gives them a chance to meet new friends and engage in fun activities. A Christian youth camp is an extra special in that the youth can walk away from camp having had a good time, but also growing in their relationship with God.

Church Camps

Camps are fantastic for team building, encouragement, engagement and quite frankly, some good old fashion fun and relaxation! Come experience the peace of our Lord Jesus that so many say is evident here at Greystone. Let us create the perfect tailor-made program for you!

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