Greystone Camp Leadership Talks

Talks at Greystone Camp

We provide cultural, historical and environmental learning opportunities for our campers as well as leadership development instruction. Currently, we are working with a team of experts to enhance our ecological learning programme, which will teach campers about the fauna and flora of the area, while including learning opportunities in water studies, grasses and conservation.

Our leadership instruction programme was devised by co-directors Alfred Eden and David Allen. The original programme was developed more than 20 years ago and is a “living programme” as it is continuously adapted and built upon to best suit the learning needs of the youth attending the camps. The leadership instructors have not only been trained in the leadership principles contained in the programme but have also worked in an environment where they are actively practised. This makes the instructors subject authorities as not only do they practice what they preach, they learned through the practice of what they preach.

We also include cultural and historical excursions to heritage sites such as hiking to view the San Paintings at Giants Castle.